In the dark and distant urban jungles of Hong Kong, beat smith K-Ray began honing his craft producing psychedelic rock tracks in his bedroom at 17. Upon discovering drum and bass in Bristol he realised it was his duty to produce rib cage shattering, heart pounding beats. With his background in rock, his finely tuned sense of high energy drum fills and heavy bass lines have aided his pursuit to destroy dance floors with his arsenal of club bangers.

From forest parties to club nights, K-Ray has held residencies for multiple clubs, including Basement 45, Arch, The Bunker and XXX Gallery. He is also a resident dj for underground sound system crews Mad Forest Crew and Sonar Sound System.

A fresh face in the game, K-Ray is already set to become a major force with tracks such as the undeniable “Pressure”, a rolling, velvety beat featuring smooth rnb vocals from Chinese artist “Tien” soaring over lush guitar chords, and “Underwater”, an uplifting liquid roller fortified with luscious pads and ephemeral textures. K-RAY’s sound is a euphoric underground blend of soul and rnb, with undertones of psychedelia layered over intricately crafted breaks and dulcet guitar licks. However, he does not shy away from producing filthy rollers to keep even the most hardcore raver satisfied. With the discipline of a shaolin monk he spends his days holed up in the studio elevating the boundaries of the genre to levels its never been to before. Armed with his decks he travels from rave to rave leaving no dance floor unskanked.