Tom Rozycki aka Cortek hails out of Colindale, London. Aided by over a decade of passion for Drum & Bass, Footwork and Halftime beats, Cortek is expanding his skillset and represents the future of the scene with previous radio shows on the likes of Radar.

Having grown up around the Bristol jungliest region, Cortek infused with his own love for hip-hop, Drum and bass and ambient dub through labels such as Metalheadz, Critical and Deep Heads. This built him up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence. Today, this translates into his sets where he picks apart and combines together all the pieces of this music: beautiful synth work, ethereal backdrops, brooding basslines, and occasional vocal hooks.

Cortek found his passion for performing during several years of playing at the biggest clubs in Nottingham including The Brickworks, Stealth & Rescue Rooms. Here he honed his craft as a support DJ, learning to read crowds and figure out exactly what works musically at the appropriate times of the night; how to build up crowds or shell down depending if billed to play before or after hard-hitting, globally touring acts including Alex Perez, Rockwell, S.P.Y, DJ Hype, Wilkinson, Etherwood, TC, Rene La Vice and Dismantle.

After finishing with promoting a dnb night in the midlands Cortek decided to make a move back to London to focus on his music and radio production in a more concentrated hub of deeper and further experimental dnb.

Since then Cortek has had several appearances on Radar Radio hosting the Telah Beats show, working towards being the hub for all things Halftime dnb.